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RE: [TCML] New Toroid size-- coming soon

Hi John,

I am tuning my 4" "table top" teaching demo coil. Its present incarnation is
disruptive. It all assembles from scratch pretty quickly and the components
are stenciled on the lower deck for training purposes. I have one of your
classic 6"x1.75 toroids on top; but, I don't think it fits the coil well for
shielding purposes. I am going to experiment with an eight 8" gazing ball on
top of the torrus.

I'm all set up to test the secondary res freq. But my freq counter needs
attention - always something...first light will be this weekend though. I
think an 8" toroid would better fit the bill.

What has been your experience with the smaller toriod and 4" diameter coils?

Have you got any of the new ones turned out and how much are they?

Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

I'll post a couple pics to the list, once I get it tuned up. The seconadary
came out nice and glassy as it is on acrylic form and coated well with very
clear poly. 

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It's just an announcement that the 2.25" x 8" toroids will be  available
very soon.  Possibly within a week.  I'm about 90% done with  the
tooling.  My reasoning for announcing it is so folks can plan  ahead, 
in case they have a need for such a toroid.  
I have no plans to make a 6" x 24" toroid.  I already stopped making  the
5" x 16" toroids because it got to be too much work.  I still  occasionally
make some 4" x 13" toroids.
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>Is  this an invitation to sign up for some or just a teaser to stir  up

On Jan 6, 2008 7:52 AM, Dave Goodfellow  <dgoodfelo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> How long till you start  cranking out some 6" x 24" ?  :-)
>> Dave  Goodfellow
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>> > Hello all,
>>  >
>> > I'm tooling up for a new spun aluminum toroid size of  2.25" x 8".
>> > It will have the spin-polish finish and 1/4"  mounting hole.
>> > I've been receiving requests for a high  quality toroid in this
>> > size for some time.  The price  will be about $70 (free shipping  in
>> > the USA).   PayPal.  Quantities will be limited.
>> >
>> >  John

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