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Re: [TCML] New Toroid size-- coming soon

In a message dated 1/11/2008 8:45:46 A.M. US Eastern Standard Time,  
jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi John,

I am tuning my 4" "table top" teaching demo coil. Its  present incarnation is
disruptive. It all assembles from scratch pretty  quickly and the components
are stenciled on the lower deck for training  purposes. I have one of your
classic 6"x1.75 toroids on top; but, I don't  think it fits the coil well for
shielding purposes. I am going to  experiment with an eight 8" gazing ball on
top of the torrus.

I'm  all set up to test the secondary res freq. But my freq counter  needs
attention - always something...first light will be this weekend  though. I
think an 8" toroid would better fit the bill.

What has  been your experience with the smaller toriod and 4" diameter  coils?

Hi Jim,
Do you mean the 1.75" x 6"?  Yes, that is a  little small for a 4" diameter 
secondary, although as long as the toroid is very  close to the top winding,
such as 1/2" or so, it should give some shielding I  would think.  The 8" 
glazing ball should be equivalent to a larger  toroid in a sense, but I don't
really have experience with spherical  toploads.  Yes, 8" toroid should work
well and should give up to 24" to 28" sparks if you  have sufficient input 
I think for a demo coil, it's nice to have multiple  streamers, but that all
depends on power input, breakrate, use of breakout  points, etc.  But in
any case an 8" ball will act quite differently than  an 8" toroid I think.  

Have you got any of the new ones turned out and how much are  they?
I was planning to use the spin polish, but  it's trickier to get a good result
on the 8" toroid than it was on the 6" toroid.   The spin polish works best
with a small ROC because more pressure can be applied  per unit area
on the toroid surface.  The spin polish takes a  lot of pressure.  I think the
excessive pressure may be starting to damage the  spinning mandrel form.
I may have to use a brushed finish instead.  I'm  not exactly sure of the
price yet, I have to see just how much work is  involved and what type
of finish to use, etc.  The price will be about  $70.  
Your secondary sounds very nice.  I like the  look of acrylic with
the thick clear-coat.   


Thanks Much,
Jim Mora

I'll post a couple pics to the  list, once I get it tuned up. The seconadary
came out nice and glassy as it  is on acrylic form and coated well with very
clear poly.  

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