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Re: [TCML] mot questions

Thanks, Rich. I've seen your flickr pics before, I didn't realize that you're kd0zz. Now that I know that's you, I hope to someday pick your brain (and anyone else's who's willing :) re: using vacuum tubes. I first became interested when I went to Boston's Museum of Science to see their high-voltage/tesla show. I was especially interested when I saw the small coil running virtually silently. I could get into the idea of coiling without wearing earplugs. My daughter's critters in the tanks on the other side of the basement would probably appreciate that, too. They get a little "restless" when I start cranking out the arcs.


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You are right, but let me say how my system works. I installed a inductive
ballast so it would not max out my components. I control my current max with
a ballast , my varaic then brings up the voltage, if all things are going
right I can go for max voltage and not blow my transformer.
My "hard-headedness" required me to read and reread many things before it
soaked in. I am a mechanical guy not electrical guy. I know how to make any
thing mechanical , I have to think about the electrical parts. Look at my
pictures on Flicker, http://www.flickr.com/photos/kd0zz/, I did not have to
think on how to make the variable cap, but the soft start relays on the
power supply was trial and error.

Can some one else jump in and help on this , some times I am not always


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Thanks to all for your previous replies, and thank you Rich for reminding me

about Richie Burnett's site. A lot of info there for me to digest. BUT, you mentioned your "hard-headedness" before, and I'm suffering a bit from that, myself. I understand the voltage vs. current part, but at least with regards

to mots, doesn't controlling the voltage (via variac) also control the
current? Is this just a matter of choosing one type of control over another?

My point being is that as long as I keep an eye on the amp draw as the
voltage rises, do I still need to ballast?
Thank you,


Neal ,
the auto transformer will control the voltage, a ballast controls
the current flow. So if you run 120V into your system you out put voltage
from your transformers is stable, current flow is controlled by
if you lower the input voltage then the spark gap and other adjustments
change. You can use a MOt for a ballast if you have an extra one.
The link I sent before to Richie's site explains all.

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