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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

Yep, I'll stick by the ~800lbs figure.  Maybe closer
to 700lbs, but I'll be really surprised if it's any
less than that!  200-300lbs is for 10-15kVA units. 
25kVA units weigh 450-500lbs.  Yes!  These things are
extremely heavy!!  One of my first observations about
getting pole pigs was that the "final stretch"
(actually physically getting them from source to
house) was often the worst part.  The weight is one
thing, but in such a [relatively] small package, they
may as well be solid lead!  I have a couple of ancient
potential transformers too that weight 450lbs each,
and they're only 3kVA! (pretty much the worst
weight/power ratio I've come across yet, but then PT's
are generally heavier ;-))  I've spent literally hours
figuring out how to lift pole pigs off of pickup
trucks in my garage using odd assemblies of ratcheted
load binders and hoists strung across the rafters. 
Have fun, but BE SAFE!!  There is more danger to pig
ownership than the electrical aspects ;-)

240V @ 30A is good for some fun.  It doesn't come
anywhere near to taking advantage of such a huge
transformer (think hundreds of amps!), but to
reiterate (again), if you've got the room and
anticipate the need, get it.  If you can, that is!!

Aaron, N7OE

--- Clive Hansen <mrclivehansen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I may be able to secure a source of 240v at 30a.
> This would give me full 
> 14kv at 0.5a so then it would be worth it, right?
> Also, 800lbs? Do these 
> pigs really weigh that much? I was thinking more
> around 200-300lbs. 800 
> might be difficult to move.
> -Clive

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