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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

Hi Clive,

A (10) kVA pig would weigh in the 200 to 300 lbs. range that you were thinking of. OTOH, my guess for the weight
range of a (50) kVA beast would be in the 600 to 700 lbs.
range. About the only way that you could get a 60 hz, 50
kVA rated transformer significantly under the 500 lbs. bench-
mark would be to drain the out the oil. I have a 25 kVA pig
that tips the scales at 376 lbs. when filled to the proper level with oil. Draining the oil knocks it back under to the
300 lb. mark. (I believe it holds 18 gallons).  Of course a
50 kVA unit would probably hold considerably more oil
than that. It takes a lot of iron to process that much power at 60 hz ;^)

Happy Sparking,
David Rieben

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I may be able to secure a source of 240v at 30a. This would give me full 14kv at 0.5a so then it would be worth it, right? Also, 800lbs? Do these pigs really weigh that much? I was thinking more around 200-300lbs. 800 might be difficult to move.

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