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RE: [TCML] Tuning idea

28 to 85 NF, or pF?  NF seems way, way too high, though that would certainly be a dream come true for a primary tuning cap!  28-85 pF would be useless for that application.

Gary Lau

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> Thanks Scott.
>  The cap in the picture is 28 to 85 NF, it has a wide spacing, approx .405
> spacing. (7/16 spacer with .032 rotor stock). You can get a better range
> with a closer spacing but then loose on voltage rating. The spacers are
> premade for #10 machine screws, you can buy them by a sack of 100pc, or one
> at a time, any length and I have got them at flea markets also. Several
> small parts places on the internet carry them, threaded rod is standard
> stuff.
>  Don't know on fab time as made a little here and a little there.  I had the
> roughed out rotor and stator plates for a few years until I retired and had
> some time. The first try was with alum end plates but the min capacitance
> was too high so now Lexan end. The only odd ball part is the wiper on the
> rotor end. It is formed from BeCu sheet them heat treated at 600 degree. I
> like to make things by hand. If I could stand at my drill press and saw and
> things for a long period of time my wife would never see me.
> Rich
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> Rich -
> That home-brew air-variable cap is an absolute work of art. Any estimate of
> the total fabrication time? Were the spacers for the fixed plates made from
> commercial sleeves or spacers of some sort, or did you cut each one from
> tubing?
> What is the total range of capacitance adjustment?
> Regards,
> Scott Hanson
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> > Ben
> > If you look at the picture of the v-cap I made you will see extra holes in
> > the plates. The holes allowed me to bolt them together and clean the all
> > up
> > the same time with a die grinder and a rotary. file. So yes they could be
> > made that way. I made mine from 6061T6.
> > I used "T" material because it does not deform as easy.
> >
> > http://www.flickr.com/photos/kd0zz/
> >
> > Rich

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