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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

Hey Clive,

If you have only 120Vac @ 15A available to run your coil, then the piggie is going to be a waste of time, money, and efforts. IF you have the option of getting a power source of 240Vac @ 50A+ later on and a place to store the piggie now, then get the piggie.

At 120Vac, the output on the piggie would be roughly 7KV, you also would need to obtain a ballast and upgrade all your caps and wiring too.

At this time with your limited power source, it would be like putting a Cox .049 engine into an Abrahms M-80 tank to make it go... :)

Scot D

Clive Hansen wrote:

Hello All,
I was recently offered a 50kva ABB pig in good condition. I am currently using a 15/30 nst to drive my coil. I only have 120v 15a power to use and I am limited by space. Does anyone think that a coil built with the pig on this supply would have tremendous advantages over the nst coil? Or would it be a waste at this low current?


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