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Re: Re[TCML] NST rebuild good

Hi Bart,

Hi Marko,

I'm having trouble sending out emails from my home pc. Server is having an
issue (I think). Anyway, thought I would send via web mail.
Ok, I see this is a propeller gap. I take it the center tungsten rod is
the green stripe type?

The tungstens are 2% thoriated, red tip.

I imagine this rod is spun around from a motor
shaft directly under and center to the rod?

Yes, actually two rods so that the diameter described by the flying electrode is 12"

Your gap spacing looks fine
on the main gap. The gap actually looks fine and I would think it should
be working ok. The only thing that I can see as a possible problem is if
the motor is synchronous and is not phased correctly or drifting.

If this is a synchronous motor, is it AC or DC? Some motors do have
drift, so I wonder if that is happening? If your phasing, how are you
performing it (variac? physical?).

The motor is a salient pole 1800 rpm. I am controlling the synchronization with a small variac wired as an
inductor with a phase shift capacitor across the motor.
When the rotary gap was tested with only the NST connected, the arc in the gap could be changed from firing just before closest proximity to stretching the arc to about 30 degrees after closest proximity. It appeared to control quite consistently under this test, which is the only one I could think of.

Take care,

I am really starting to believe that the capacitors that I have left after blowing up half of them, simply are not up to the task, as the calculated voltage across the string should not exceed 23kv. At 80v into the NST, calculated 11.3kv rms out, Do see where I am going with this? Or do you think I am off track?


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