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[TCML] Ballast and ARSG

Hello Everyone
   I have been reading through the archives regarding slide choke ballasts and have a few questions on construction. I would like the range to be from about 5 amps at the lowest to about 25 - 30 max . I was thinking of using 10 guage wire and using spacers between layers of windings and a fan to keep it cool. It would be wound on a pvc tube about 24" long.
  I was wondering what size of tube to use and approx how many turns of wire will I need ?. 
   I am currently building my first ARSG as well . It is going good so far. I made a fiberglass disk using an 8 inch cake pan (wife doesn't know yet :o) ) fiberglass matting and polyester resin. the disk is 3/8" thick.  I mounted this to a flange that allows me to attach it to my 1725  rpm motor. I then put the disk and flange into my lathe and machined it till it ran true and final diameter was 6.5" . I then took a 10" aluminum disk 3/8" thick and cut out a 5" diameter hole in the center. I have bolted this to the fiberglass disk and trued and balanced the whole assembly , I now have a metal ring attached to a fiberglass insulating disk , the holes have been drilled for the brass electrodes in the aluminum. Stationary electrodes will both be on the front side of the disk. Does this setup sound ok so far ? , I will be adding a shield around it when it is finished as well.
    I really enjoy reading through the archives,  and seeing all the different designs and ideas that everybody has. I will take some pics of my complete coil and the new one I am building one of these days and post them on my webspace. 
  Sorry for the long post and thanks for any info
  Coiling in Canada
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