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Re[TCML] NST rebuild good

Hi Marko,

I'm having trouble sending out emails from my home pc. Server is having an
issue (I think). Anyway, thought I would send via web mail.
Ok, I see this is a propeller gap. I take it the center tungsten rod is
the green stripe type? I imagine this rod is spun around from a motor
shaft directly under and center to the rod? Your gap spacing looks fine
on the main gap. The gap actually looks fine and I would think it should
be working ok. The only thing that I can see as a possible problem is if
the motor is synchronous and is not phased correctly or drifting.

If this is a synchronous motor, is it AC or DC? Some motors do have
drift, so I wonder if that is happening? If your phasing, how are you
performing it (variac? physical?).

Take care,
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