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Re: [TCML] Pig upgrade

Hi, Clive:

120V @ 15A?  I assume you are in an apartment or
condo, then?  In which case, where would you keep the
pig anyway?

Even in a house, almost nobody would run a pig on a
pre-existing circuit.  Electric range, furnace, and
dryer circuits may be close to what you'd need in
terms of voltage and amperage, but they'll rarely be
accessible.  Usually, pig coilers will pull a special
circuit directly from the breaker or fuse box to run
the pig.  240V at 50A or more.  You can certainly run
a pig on 120V at 15A, but then you're talking about a
transformer that weighs most of 800 pounds (or more!)
being used to deliver NST-caliber power.  I wouldn't

On the other hand, 50kVA units don't often fall into
the hands of coilers.  If you have the room and
anticipate being able to take advantage of it down the
road, it might not be bad to swipe!  But if taking it
means it somehow has to make its way into a top-story
studio apartment by way of hand truck, no WAY! :-O

Aaron, N7OE

--- Clive Hansen <mrclivehansen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello All,
>     I was recently offered a 50kva ABB pig in good
> condition. I am 
> currently using a 15/30 nst to drive  my coil. I
> only have 120v 15a 
> power to use and I am limited by space. Does anyone
> think that a coil 
> built with the pig on this supply would have
> tremendous advantages over 
> the nst coil? Or would it be a waste at this low
> current?
> -Clive
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