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Javatc to Version 11.4 Was: [TCML] MMC Voltage consensus

Hi Ruben, All,

I found the recommended cap volt error. I took the sqrt(2) on top of Vp (silly me). I've corrected that. The recommended cap volt rating will now be correctly calculated at 2.5 x Vp. This is the optimal value to shoot for and it does not indicated that you must attain that value. However, I'm not about to recommend a lower rating and then watch someones caps blow up (which is why I used the 2.5 standard).

When it comes to caps in an AC application, the rms current and "peak" voltage ratings are what you want to keep your eye on.

Web Version Update:  http://www.classictesla.com/java/javatc.html

PC Version Update: http://www.classictesla.com/java/javatc.zip

Thanks Ruben for pointing out the discrepancy, even if indirectly. Good question!

I guess one good thing about scripting is it allows quick updates on simple things like this (maybe the only good thing). But a little odd running Vista :-\ . At least my most of my programs installed ok and are running good. Some did not however.

Ok, back to online gaming! Halo3, Rumble Pit! It's such a waste of time (but so addicting)!

Take care,

bartb wrote:
I'll check into that output and find out why it's calculating 60kV.

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