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Re: [TCML] MMC Voltage consensus

Hi Ruben,

Ruben Peters wrote:
Terry's MMCcalc, rates 25.5kv as very good, while Java TC designer
recommends a peak voltage of 60kv.
Yes, Javatc is recommending 60kv, but this isn't correct. Should be about 42kVp or 30kVrms.
I'll check into that output and find out why it's calculating 60kV.
Javatc will recommend a high derate value of 2.5 x Vp, but this can of course be cut down some. I think your 25.5kVrms is fine.

I've read some places that a voltage just over the peak transformer voltage
is sufficient; other places that 1.8*peak is necessary; in addition to the
fact that dielectric strength reduces with frequency (my coil will run at
about 429khz)
The 4 x 17 string is about 2 x Vp which is good. You should be fine on the voltage rating across each string.

Take care,

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