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[TCML] MMC Voltage consensus

Hello all,


 I'm just about to order capacitors for my MMC

Arcotronics      RS-114-474    1500                0.047,  from
http://www.rsaustralia.com <http://www.rsaustralia.com/> .


So far I'm planning 4 strings of 17 caps to give a rating of 11.06nf ,
25.5kv DC (running on a 12/30 NST, LTR with a static gap).


Terry's MMCcalc, rates 25.5kv as very good, while Java TC designer
recommends a peak voltage of 60kv.

I've read some places that a voltage just over the peak transformer voltage
is sufficient; other places that 1.8*peak is necessary; in addition to the
fact that dielectric strength reduces with frequency (my coil will run at
about 429khz)


So I'm wondering if there is any consensus about the recommended MMC voltage
rating, as well, Im after as any opinions and recommendations. I'd Rather
the MMC cost $120 as opposed to $180++, but at the same time I don't want to
blow caps (blowing cash I don't have)


Many thanks





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