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Re: Tesla coil setup

Original poster: Terrell Fritz <terrellfone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


At 07:29 PM 1/16/2007, you wrote:
Original poster: "M G" <gt4awd@xxxxxxxxx>
......... MMC
Made the soldering nice
and thick, but did not twist the connections between
capacitors together.
Should the electrical solder conduct the electricity
without any problems or should I expect some loss?

It will be fine.

I read a website stating
the wire should remain on the outside of the coil. Is this
true, and should I try to remove the wire from the inside?

It is probably best to keep the wire on the outside. But all my coils have the wires going to the inside. If you have to keep the wires on the inside, just don't let the wire slide down into the coil where the nasty voltages are. Keep the wire at the very top or very bottom where all the surrounding voltages are the same.


Using a 9kv 30ma non-GFI NST for this coil to
start, along with a mains RFI filter. I also have the
parts to build a terry filter. Slightly confused
about the filter ground. In the standard terry filter
diagram it seems to show the filter ground leading to
the NST ground and another separate RF ground.

Yes, the ground to the NST will take out lower frequencies while the RF ground does the higher frequencies. You really should connect the filter to both grounds. But not everybody does...