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Tesla coil setup

Original poster: "M G" <gt4awd@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi all,
I'm building my first Tesla coil right now after
months of searching websites for information,
reading this list, and receiving a lot of help
through email from Rich, and Alan. I really enjoy
learning about Tesla coils, and electricity in general.

A while back I finished my multi mini capacitor
setup and spark gap. I mounted everything on a
3/8" thick poly cutting board. Made the soldering nice
and thick, but did not twist the connections between
capacitors together.
Should the electrical solder conduct the electricity
without any problems or should I expect some loss?

I started winding my secondary, 4 1/4"x20" coil with
26AWG enameled wire, around four days ago, and finished
it after two days. I sanded and coated the thin wall
pvc with two coats of polyurethane before winding the
coil. I'm at about six polyurethane coatings on the wire.
The wire at both ends of the coil I drilled a small hole
where the wire goes inside the PVC. I read a website stating
the wire should remain on the outside of the coil. Is this
true, and should I try to remove the wire from the inside?

Using a 9kv 30ma non-GFI NST for this coil to
start, along with a mains RFI filter. I also have the
parts to build a terry filter. Slightly confused
about the filter ground. In the standard terry filter
diagram it seems to show the filter ground leading to
the NST ground and another separate RF ground.
Should it just be connected to the NST ground, or
am I wrong. Does the terry filter look right in this
diagram of my setup?

I can't seem to find a website or post in the archives
about how exactly the supports for the primary coil
should be spaced to make a nice even coil. Any good
links will be great. Thanks a lot, and sorry about all
the questions.


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