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Re: Tesla ray gun

Original poster: "D.C. Cox" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

No, it was actually very lethal. A separate DC power supply discharges a high voltage energy cap into the base (ground) of the sec coil which makes the sec sparks bang loud and they can deliver lethal energy if they should contact something grounded.

This way employed after they solved the kickback problem.

Dr. Resonance

Yes, as I recall, last season on Future Weapons (discovery channel) they featured a variety of 'less than lethal' weapons including a tesla coil. It appeared to be a SSTC (drsstc? i dont really know the difference) in a black container about the size of a duffel bag. I think it had part of the seconday protruding and a VTTC type topload. It produced about 4' purple streamers and looked pretty frightening. I think they said it was more of a psychological weapon, because it actually wouldnt shock you. Is this true? If I recall SSTC's run at lower voltage and higher amperage than SGTC's. What kind of a sensation would a small to medium sized coil produce? Anyone alive to tell about it?