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Re: Tesla coil setup

Original poster: Mike <megavolts61@xxxxxxxxx>

I just had a bizarre thought(who me? no way!!).... Anyway, lol, I was wondering about how to make a spark gap coil or transmitter 'legal'. would there be any way to make a low pass or band pass type filter that would not seriously degrade the operation of the tank circuit? I imagine the spark gap assembly could be placed in a Faraday cage if engineered properly, but maybe some kind of wave traps or filter could be made to kill the harmonics and deliver only the fundamental frequency to the primary coil. I suppose if this were possible, Terry would have already done it. lol

Yes, the ground to the NST will take out lower frequencies while the
RF ground does the higher frequencies.  You really should connect the
filter to both grounds.  But not everybody does...



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