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Re: ScanTesla Version 7.50

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I also looked at the Load Energy Rise Time in dest's case.


That varies very little with changes in Csecondary, so that does not explain why larger toroids tend to work better either...



But this is where to program can really do something neat! Let's make a plot of Streamer power vs. Csecondary to see what the effect of various terminal sizes might have. If I pull up ouputdata.csv and make the plot I get:


The first part of the graph the program is just searching but after that it certainly does appear that smaller top terminals will give better streamer power. Along the bottom we see Csec decreasing while load power is increasing. Of course, we need better streamer data to figure out why that does not seem to be the case with our coils. This simulations shows a lot of things that are "not" the problem...