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Re: ScanTesla Version 7.50

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Terry.

> The program can iterate through Tesla coil configurations very fast
> and search for the most optimal component values. It is sort of like
> MicroSim on steroids ;-))

haven`t used microsim at all - it is really so slow? : )

"The screen will flash by a lot of stuff for a few moments and
disappear. The end of the "output.txt" file has the data we want

yeah - after 35 mins of sleeping on the keyboard i finally got goal
#99 that says, that my toroid must be about 15pf instead of 45pf that
i`ve build - such small pice of crap surelly would look very comical
on my 9" secondary, kinda '1903 style : )))
i`ll write on them with black marker - "recommended by most powerfull
tc proggy on da net" ^______________^

what i have varied:

* Lp

* Ls

* Cs

for 750us it takes only 177571 models to test : )
a couple of questions:

1. at first run (different input) it was doing about 1 model/sec only,
after 800 or so steps it suddently speeds up for short time (~200
steps), then slowed down again - surely "steroids" at work : ))) why
it so slow?
2. it takes about 98-99% of my athlon xp 1600+ and about 50-55% of my
piv 3000 - why it can`t take all available cpu cycles?
btw - i see the same situation when run bela also % )
3. imo there is no need in Rpri, Rsec and Rload, coz "i" just want get
maximum. can i gain some speed if i define Rpri=Rsec=Rload=1 - then
there is no need to multiply/divide on them? or you use another
algorithm, so this is not the case (didn`t looked at c code - don`t
know and don`t like c : D)?
4. mmm - i forgot already : )