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GE Potential Transformer 200:1(24KV) Ratio and Enclosed Variac For Sale

Original poster: "Block Warden" <blockwarden@xxxxxxxxx>

I have a 200:1 GE potential transformer that I never got around to using and it is time for it to find a new home.

Here's the specs:

Model: JVT-150
Primary Voltage: 24,000
Ratio: 120/200:1
BIL Rating: 150KV
Thermal Rating @30C: 3.0 kVA

I have the factory wiring booklet, testing tags and some additional info I got from GE that goes with it.

To my knowledge this transformer has never been hooked up other than testing. Get yourself an inductive reactor to limit the current and you have one heck of a coil power supply!

This unit weighs a little over 300lbs and is mounted on a wheeled dolly. I prefer not to ship it because I would have to drive into Seattle to drop it off at the freight shipper.

Asking price: $350.00 but I am willing to entertain any reasonable offers.

The Variac is a 120V 20A Powerstat. Minor dings and scratches from use, but works great. I used to use it with my 8" coil and two 15/60 neon transformers.

Asking Price: $100.00 or reasonable offer.


Jason (formerly on this list as <mailto:cenn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>cenn@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Email me directly at blockwarden(at)gmail.com