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Re: Overtones and velocity factors

Original poster: Paul Nicholson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Bart wrote:

> I don't think the Seibt coil would be good at all for
> this test.

Ah! No, I wasn't thinking of racing arcs on this coil - that's
over on the other thread.   No, I just wondered about some
tests on velocity factors of high overtones and the chance to
extend the validation of tssp models to some large h/d ratios.

A low power test - just a sig gen into the base, no topload.
For each resonance, sweep with a voltage probe to locate the
null positions - the voltage nodes - at each end of the voltage
half-wave that straddles the center of the coil.

Oh, you'd have to remove those two corona wires, and be able
to test up to about 6 MHz.   If there's a possibility of a
test, I'll post some predictions.
Paul Nicholson