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Re: Overtones and velocity factors

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Terry.

> Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Quench is also not too important if the streamers naturally use all
> the systems energy in the first cycle anyway...

that`s impossible, only arc to ground can do that. or you are talkin
about breakpoint, which forces discharge as early as 100kv for
example? imo this can`t change much.

> Computer models tend to point to lower and lower coupling for best
> operation.

which models exactly? any papers about them? : )

> However, the "energy rise time" of higher coupled systems
> is probably very important for long streamer formation.  The Russians
> have specific numbers for this for there 400++ foot Marx generators!!!

coil with the same coupling but higher Fo would have higher "ert"
automatically, does it meant that this coil would have longer sparks
just from this? unlikely : )

> I too always wondered about people that did not watch sparks only on
> a "scope screen"...  Your gonna go blind :O)))))

no way : p we just haven`t necessary equipment - there is 5 mhz
single-beam single-channel, 15 mhz two-beam two-channel and 50 mhz
single-beam two-channel scopes lying here, but none of them is storage
or digital -_-

> With all the new solid state stuff, "repeatability" is a giant new
> advantage we have ;-))

of coz you have - the "best man friend" like i`ve said : D