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Re: Frequency Splitting

Original poster: FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx In a message dated 5/23/06 5:13:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

>We could take two identical tank circuits and couple them. We will
>still get a beat frequency.
>Ah , but what about "frequency splitting?"
>Be realistic, they are identical tank circuits. One tank could not
>possibly operate at a different frequency then the other. There is
>no "splitting".
Doesn't a "beat frequency" result from two signals of different frequency? If so, what is the source of the other frequency? If not, how else does a "beat" result?

>However both tank circuits will now operate at a frequency that is
>different from the uncoupled state.

Are you saying the above observed "beat frequency" is the difference between the common "coupled frequency" and the common "uncoupled frequency"?

-Phil LaBudde