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Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Of course, the efficacy of such devices will be left to the beholders ;-))

But the Tesla coil part is pure electronics even if a bit old.

At 02:31 PM 7/27/2006, you wrote:

Appreciate the warning, but I for one do not believe in the discredits for
these devices.
I have an old MWO system hand built sometime in the 1950's by a friend of my
For years he had one setup in the 'shop' out back and allowed anyone who
wanted to take treatments.

Can you take and post pictures of it and its parts. That would tell us a lot. If you can take digital pictures and send them to me and can post them to the web so all can see. We need to see the "parts"...



The example I have uses parts you just can't get anymore,
 (like the coil off of a 1930 ford truck)

I think the antique Ford guys make a modern equivalent for every nut, bold, screw, and fleck of paint ;-)) If you can take a picture of it, NAPA can probably find it ;-)) E-bay probably has the working originals and there are gifted folks out there who can "make" the old parts again for $$$. But those old parts usually go for a song once you find them...

  And... unfortunately I don't have schematics...

It should be pretty simple. You can make a schematic, or with enough pictures, we can guess. It is hard to look at "MWO" stuff and pick out the "real" details from the "talk"... So first hand "facts" are what is needed. I am sure yours is pretty one of a kind unique too...

Be warned that "modern" Tesla coil techniques are very efficient and powerful compared to the older things!!!!! The old massy lossy things replaced by modern parts could turn a gentle old coil into a killing machine!! So be careful about modern parts replacements. If it uses an old Ford coil, it is probably in the very low power range. You want to keep it that way!!

What is wrong with the old one??  Probably far simpler to just fix it...