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Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 Hi Paul,

 I wonder if the "benefits" that your claiming first hand
 experience with were a result of the increased blood
 flow and circulation that resulted from the thermal ef-
 fect of the high frequency electrical energy being trans-
 fered into the living tissues? In other words, is the pos-
 itive benefits from the electrical energy itself or from the
 secondary thermal effects it causes? Local heating of
 ailing human body tissues is often recommended by
 "modern day" physicians as "treatment" (i.e. arthritis,
 tendonitis, bursitis, ect.)

 Just a thought,
 David Rieben

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 > Original poster: "Paul Gryting" <pgryting@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 > Matt,
 > Appreciate the warning, but I for one do not believe in the discredits for
 > these devices.
> I have an old MWO system hand built sometime in the 1950's by a friend of my
 > Dad's
 > For years he had one setup in the 'shop' out back and allowed anyone who
 > wanted to take treatments.
 > And I have also used it on myself, on things like broken limbs.
 > I was able to take a cast off of my foot in 3 weeks, and run around again,
 > when the doctor said he would change the cast two months, and I'd where it
 > for another month or so after that.
 > Had similar experience when I broke my knee. Both times, 3 weeks later,
 > x-ray showed completely healed.
> I have seen cancer patients diagnosed with weeks to live, live out many more
 > years, and all
 >    insist that their pain was lessoned when they continued taking regular
 > MWO treatments.
 > I have numerous personal observations that this contraption does appear to
 > affect (speed up) the healing process.
> Modern medicine tends to discredit anything that they can't stuff in a pill.
 > I'm not saying it's a cure all.
 > I just believe that it helps speed up the natural healing process,
 >    and I would like to be able to build another one.
 > The example I have uses parts you just can't get anymore,
 >  (like the coil off of a 1930 ford truck)
 >   And... unfortunately I don't have schematics...
 > Paul
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 > Hi Paul,
 > I considered using a Lakhovsky MWO-type quack-medicine scam to raise money
 > to fund  my more legitimate TC work, but I didn't think I could keep a
 > straight face while separating desperate and ignorant people from their
 > money.
 >      This thoroughly discredited system has been making an appearance every
 > 10 to 15 years since the 1930's. Every generation of coilers thinks they
> have discovered the "magical cure" and those "fringe science" publishers who > recycle the trash books ARE good at separating desperate and ignorant people
 > from their money. Be Careful!
 > Matt D.
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 > Original poster: "Paul Gryting" <pgryting@xxxxxxxxxxx>
 > Anyone out there using tesla coil
 >    in MWO application?
 > Paul
 > -> I assume that is Multiwave
 > Oscillator  http://www.integratron.com/4Technical/Technical.html
 >     - Terry <-