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Re: EMI filter for 15KVA pig control circuit

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Hal,

That's an old pic of the controller, but I still use the same filter.
Here is the controller currently: (fast downloads).

Internal view

External view

The filter is a typical 3-phase filter rated for 250/440 VAC, 30Ax3, 50/60 Hz (a freebee I had lying around). I have L1 and L2 connected to the first two terminals leaving L3 and N unconnected. My filter is "not" reverse wired. A few years ago I blew a good 1/2" hole in the case of a 60A filter. At that time I had the filter reverse wired. It ran fine for a while, but during a fun-filled spark show (with myself), it blew up with a bang. I ran without a filter after that incident for quite a while. A couple years ago, I installed the filter you see in the pics, except I decided to wire Line and Load side as designed. I've had no problems so far. As far as your question "does it work", well, I'm sure it does. But, as far as transients and whatnot making their way back to the line, I haven't measured with and without. I'm sure there is plenty of garbage on the line. I have blown up a sound card on my pc, but that was due to running very slow high energy pulses (experimenting). Normal 120 bps and above runs, I've never had any problems with anything in the house.

BTW, note the big 3000W resistor in the old controller pic is no longer used (series 2.5 ohm for the pig). Next to the filter is a 60A SquareD contactor controlled by a PLC which is mounted on the inside of the door on din rail along with a 5A 24VDC power supply and a low level signal din rail enable relay (no pic of that side of the door). The contactor removes power in the event of a motor controller error, enable signal, deadman switch, etc. The thing mounted to the side above the contractor is the VFD (variable frequency drive, 230VAC 1-phase in, 230VAC 3-phase out). At the top of the controller is the current ballast and controls for the VFD. Allows me to easily turn a pot and change motor speeds on demand, direction, etc. It's just fun to play with. The sparks sound very wicked! Any time you can change bps quickly on demand, wicked sounds issue from the sparks and gap similar to a racecar driver reving the engine!

BTW, the deadman switch is a CB Mic. I had it lying around. Since I'm using the PLC to control various error situations, any old thing would have worked (low 24 VDC signal).

Take care,

Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: "Krohns" <mailto:2halice@xxxxxxx><2halice@xxxxxxx>

Hello all,

The following questiions are directed toward Bart Anderson BUT I will appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.

I have recently purchased a 15KVA pole pig and am researching the control system for it. I have a 230 amp adjustable arc welder that I plan on using for a series ballast and am getting a variac stack for the voltage control. I am looking for an EMI protection circuit and saw what looks to be a large EMI filter in the control cabinet of Bart's 10KVA "The Gate Keeper" Tesla coil (<http://www.classictesla.com/photos/tgk/15.jpg>http://www.classictesla.com/photos/tgk/15.jpg). Bart, does what you have work and if so, what are the specs for it... and what type of EMI filter would you suggest that I use in a control system for a 15KVA pole pig?

Here is a link to the information plate on my pig: <http://www.halice.com/physics/pig2.jpg>http://www.halice.com/physics/pig2.jpg

I am looking forward to all replies and will greatly appreciate all of the feedback that I receive.

Sincerely, Hal in Tucson

P.S. Just so you know that I have some experience, I have recently completed and fired my first Tesla coil. It has a 4" secondary, runs on a 15KV @ 120mA power system and, as of July 5, throws 4' streamers regularly (<http://www.halice.com/physics/4video.html>http://www.halice.com/physics/4video.html).