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EMI filter for 15KVA pig control circuit

Original poster: "Krohns" <2halice@xxxxxxx>

Hello all,

The following questiions are directed toward Bart Anderson BUT I will appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks.

I have recently purchased a 15KVA pole pig and am researching the control system for it. I have a 230 amp adjustable arc welder that I plan on using for a series ballast and am getting a variac stack for the voltage control. I am looking for an EMI protection circuit and saw what looks to be a large EMI filter in the control cabinet of Bart's 10KVA "The Gate Keeper" Tesla coil (<http://www.classictesla.com/photos/tgk/15.jpg>http://www.classictesla.com/photos/tgk/15.jpg). Bart, does what you have work and if so, what are the specs for it... and what type of EMI filter would you suggest that I use in a control system for a 15KVA pole pig?

Here is a link to the information plate on my pig: <http://www.halice.com/physics/pig2.jpg>http://www.halice.com/physics/pig2.jpg

I am looking forward to all replies and will greatly appreciate all of the feedback that I receive.

Sincerely, Hal in Tucson

P.S. Just so you know that I have some experience, I have recently completed and fired my first Tesla coil. It has a 4" secondary, runs on a 15KV @ 120mA power system and, as of July 5, throws 4' streamers regularly (<http://www.halice.com/physics/4video.html>http://www.halice.com/physics/4video.html).