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Re: EMI filter for 15KVA pig control circuit

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>

I also managed to blow a hole in a 40 amp Corcom
filter that was wired backwards. This was on a small
4" 15/30 powered coil.


I'm now using two of these, one for each leg, with all
three terminals tied together.


I don't have a lot of runtime with my big coil, and
don't have a scope, but I use these same filters on my
small coil, and haven't blown anything up in my house.
Before using them, I managed to blow up a computer

If you can keep a PLC and VFD alive, I'd say the
filter's working.


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson"
> <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Hal,
> That's an old pic of the controller, but I still use
> the same filter.
> Here is the controller currently: (fast downloads).
> Internal view
> External view
> The filter is a typical 3-phase filter rated for
> 250/440 VAC, 30Ax3,
> 50/60 Hz (a freebee I had lying around). I have L1
> and L2 connected
> to the first two terminals leaving L3 and N
> unconnected. My filter is
> "not" reverse wired. A few years ago I blew a good
> 1/2" hole in the
> case of a 60A filter. At that time I had the filter
> reverse wired. It
> ran fine for a while, but during a fun-filled spark
> show (with
> myself), it blew up with a bang. I ran without a
> filter after that
> incident for quite a while. A couple years ago, I
> installed the
> filter you see in the pics, except I decided to wire
> Line and Load
> side as designed. I've had no problems so far. As
> far as your
> question "does it work", well, I'm sure it does.
> But, as far as
> transients and whatnot making their way back to the
> line, I haven't
> measured with and without. I'm sure there is plenty
> of garbage on the
> line. I have blown up a sound card on my pc, but
> that was due to
> running very slow high energy pulses
> (experimenting). Normal 120 bps
> and above runs, I've never had any problems with
> anything in the house.
> BTW, note the big 3000W resistor in the old
> controller pic is no
> longer used (series 2.5 ohm for the pig). Next to
> the filter is a 60A
> SquareD contactor controlled by a PLC which is
> mounted on the inside
> of the door on din rail along with a 5A 24VDC power
> supply and a low
> level signal din rail enable relay (no pic of that
> side of the door).
> The contactor removes power in the event of a motor
> controller error,
> enable signal, deadman switch, etc. The thing
> mounted to the side
> above the contractor is the VFD (variable frequency
> drive, 230VAC
> 1-phase in, 230VAC 3-phase out). At the top of the
> controller is the
> current ballast and controls for the VFD. Allows me
> to easily turn a
> pot and change motor speeds on demand, direction,
> etc. It's just fun
> to play with. The sparks sound very wicked! Any time
> you can change
> bps quickly on demand, wicked sounds issue from the
> sparks and gap
> similar to a racecar driver reving the engine!
> BTW, the deadman switch is a CB Mic. I had it lying
> around. Since I'm
> using the PLC to control various error situations,
> any old thing
> would have worked (low 24 VDC signal).
> Take care,
> Bart
> Tesla list wrote:
> >Original poster: "Krohns"
> <mailto:2halice@xxxxxxx><2halice@xxxxxxx>
> >
> >Hello all,
> >
> >The following questiions are directed toward Bart
> Anderson BUT I
> >will appreciate any and all feedback.  Thanks.
> >
> >I have recently purchased a 15KVA pole pig and am
> researching the
> >control system for it.  I have a 230 amp adjustable
> arc welder that
> >I plan on using for a series ballast and am getting
> a variac stack
> >for the voltage control.  I am looking for an EMI
> protection circuit
> >and saw what looks to be a large EMI filter in the
> control cabinet
> >of Bart's 10KVA "The Gate Keeper" Tesla coil
> >Bart, does what you have work and if so, what are
> the specs for
> >it... and what type of EMI filter would you suggest
> that I use in a
> >control system for a 15KVA pole pig?
> >
> >Here is a link to the information plate on my pig:
> >
> >I am looking forward to all replies and will
> greatly appreciate all
> >of the feedback that I receive.
> >
> >Sincerely, Hal in Tucson
> >
> >P.S.  Just so you know that I have some experience,
> I have recently
> >completed and fired my first Tesla coil.   It has a
> 4" secondary,
> >runs on a 15KV @ 120mA power system and, as of July
> 5, throws 4'
> >streamers regularly
> >
> >
> >