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Re: neon sign transformers

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

We also have a lady who makes "antique runs" into Texas from WI via IA, KS, OK, TX. She will deliver the 10 kVA pole pigs to a large interstate gas station exit and meet you for pickup. She charges only $80 for delivery as far south as Austin & San Antonio, TX, or anywhere else along her route. (I-35 south out of Des Moines to Ok. City, then I40 east to Dallas, then south to Austin. She has a large "dual wheel" pickup and can haul up to six pigs per trip. Please advise off list if you want to order one as her next run with be on or around August 10th.

Dr. Resonance

I have some extra 12 kV 60 mA NSTs and also a few 15 kV 30 mA and 12 kV 30 mA units available. $40 per xmfr --- any size. Shipping runs approx $28 plus $5.00 for heavy U-haul box. Best ship rate based on shipping to a business address.

Getting in a load of 60 poles xmfrs next week --- all 14.4 kV at 10 kVA continuous duty rating. All in good conditions and tested electrically for output. $125 per xmfr. Shipping via truck freight and rate depends on your zip code. Better rates if you can have these shipped to a business address as opposed to a residence address.

Stocking 0.15 uF 2 kV MMC CDE caps for NST powered Tesla coils

In stock 1 megOhm 3,500 VDC high voltage resistors. $1.25/pc. 25 pcs. min. order.

I have plans for a nice TC running on a 12/60 NST that produces a solid 56 inch long spark --- free plans to anyone who wants them.

On Thurs AM I will be entering a bulk order for 20 x 5 inch size toroids so if you want one please contact me off-list asap. Price is $215 per toroid. Shipping, depending on location, is running approx $35.00 UPS. Add $5.00 for a nice heavy duty U-Haul box.

Dr. Resonance