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Primary thanks

Original poster: "Mike Tucknott" <michael.tucknott@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi guys

Ed,Terry, Scott, Bart et al

Thanks for the advise on my primary problems.
Right I`ll scrap the off axis inductor with the iron core I`m going
to try and fit it without the core not quite the figure I wanted but it
will get me close.

I`m not sure how close I need to be to get the coil to work.
I need 0.281mH of inductance from the primary to run with a frequency
of 67.09 KHz, that's why the top load is small compared to the overall
coil size. I`v got 0.261mH of primary inductance to start with I`m just
going to run the thing and see. If I went with a bigger top load the frequency
comes down and I need more primary inductance.

Oh the suggestion about building a stacked primary is a great idea as it
was me in the first place who thought about one and the coil now has
in fact a 2 layer primary also at an angle of 30 deg so it should couple
real good.

I`m going to try and test fire the coil this weekend if time and the weather

Cheers Mike Tucknott

Smokin in south Oxfordshire UK