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Re: Primary thanks

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>

I assume you already considered this, but it may be
easier to simply "shorten" your secondary by unwinding
it some. Use JavaTC to determine how much length must
be removed to get it in tune.


--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Original poster: "Mike Tucknott"
> <michael.tucknott@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi guys
> Ed,Terry, Scott, Bart et al
> Thanks for the advise on my primary problems.
> Right I`ll scrap the off axis inductor with the iron
> core I`m going
> to try and fit it without the core not quite the
> figure I wanted but it
> will get me close.
> I`m not sure how close I need to be to get the coil
> to work.
> I need 0.281mH of inductance from the primary to run
> with a frequency
> of 67.09 KHz, that's why the top load is small
> compared to the overall
> coil size. I`v got 0.261mH of primary inductance to
> start with I`m just
> going to run the thing and see. If I went with a
> bigger top load the frequency
> comes down and I need more primary inductance.
> Oh the suggestion about building a stacked primary
> is a great idea as it
> was me in the first place who thought about one and
> the coil now has
> in fact a 2 layer primary also at an angle of 30 deg
> so it should couple
> real good.
> I`m going to try and test fire the coil this weekend
> if time and the weather
> permit.
> Cheers Mike Tucknott
> Smokin in south Oxfordshire UK

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