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neon sign transformers

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

I have some extra 12 kV 60 mA NSTs and also a few 15 kV 30 mA and 12 kV 30 mA units available. $40 per xmfr --- any size. Shipping runs approx $28 plus $5.00 for heavy U-haul box. Best ship rate based on shipping to a business address.

Getting in a load of 60 poles xmfrs next week --- all 14.4 kV at 10 kVA continuous duty rating. All in good conditions and tested electrically for output. $125 per xmfr. Shipping via truck freight and rate depends on your zip code. Better rates if you can have these shipped to a business address as opposed to a residence address.

Stocking 0.15 uF 2 kV MMC CDE caps for NST powered Tesla coils

In stock 1 megOhm 3,500 VDC high voltage resistors. $1.25/pc. 25 pcs. min. order.

I have plans for a nice TC running on a 12/60 NST that produces a solid 56 inch long spark --- free plans to anyone who wants them.

On Thurs AM I will be entering a bulk order for 20 x 5 inch size toroids so if you want one please contact me off-list asap. Price is $215 per toroid. Shipping, depending on location, is running approx $35.00 UPS. Add $5.00 for a nice heavy duty U-Haul box.

Dr. Resonance