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RE: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <gary.lau@xxxxxx>

This may be beside the point, but how the HECK do you build a secondary
to resonate at 8 Hertz?  What size topload?  Please give details beyond
"I hacked my secondary in half..."

Gary Lau

> Original poster: "David Thomson" <dwt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Tesla's Wardencliffe system used a combination secondary coil
> comprising a flat spiral at the base and a tall solenoid connected to
> it.  I have built similar coils and have posted the coils online at
> http://www.tesla-coil-builder.com/FlatSpiralSolenoidCombo.htm.  I'm
> presently building a better tuned version based upon my previous
> experiences.  The combination secondary coil I'm building now will
> have a resonant frequency of 8Hz to 13Hz depending on topload.