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Re: Wireless transmission of power,

Original poster: TCBal@xxxxxxx

no, steve, i just try to leave the impression that I am joking. Actually I don't know much, Yet. I have some degrees, but I obviously know very little. Why do you think I read the site? To learn. My conclusions may be wrong, but it is such a wide field...they seem close enough. I really did cut a coil in half . I really did put juice in the ground. I really did transmit it to a place (my friend's apartment) forty miles off. It really did run a commercial radio for a half hour, on and off. The reciever was exactly the same coil set up, just running "backwards" (hows that for a scientific concept? "backwards". I mentioned it only in defense of Tesla. I am sure that many of the people here on this site have succeeded at this type of thing. They are just too smart to mention it. Sorry now about the whole thing, and I will probably just try to keep everything to myself from now on. I just can't deal with all the frightened accusatory character assassination that seems to go on at Pupman City.