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Re: Wireless power transmission

Original poster: Harvey Norris <harvich@xxxxxxxxx>

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > >Uhhh, don't almost all of the electrical power > systems on earth already > >return through the ground w/o much environmental > impact? > > > >Matt D. A 3 phase alternator is said to always be internally wired with the three stator windings wired in WYE, leaving the remaining connections as stator line outputs. This affords for a higher voltage output then exists on the other possible DELTA output, where then each stator segment would have its own corresponding unique phase. The Wye configuration actually is a combination in series of two of the three stator outputs, therefore it is actually the vector sum of each of these 120 degree misphased emfs. NOW obviously the power Co employs this same scheme as the central WYE connection is refered to as the 4th return wire, which is then probably the connection that is grounded both at the power Co, and at the point of distribution. But the currents on this wire only exist when an inbalance of currents exist on the three phase loads, and ordinarily in the WYE load the returning current goes through the adjacent phase, and only through that grounded 4th wire return path as a result of unequal phase currents. Even though both of these points are grounded, the electricity goes through the 4th return wire, and not the ground path. Since the power generating stations ground is thought to be the 4th reture wire also, one wouldn't think that any significant ground/machine currents exist there either, only in the case of unbalanced loads... HDN