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Re: Wireless power transmission

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Professor TCB,
I just recently joined this list and to my dismay, I find many negative comments and people denigrating Nikola Tesla and his accomplishments. I joined this list in order to learn more about building TC's, about their operation, and to converse with others with high regard for Mr. Tesla. I don't understand why people want to get on here and be negative and tear things down. I, like you, suppose it must be easier to tear things down than to build them up. Thank you for your comments and advice. Also, thanks to everyone else who has responded positively to my inquiries.
Paul Brodie
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> Dear Matt & Ed: It is possible to get too tangled up in technique and
> politics to get any of it done. You two:as they say: " Talk amongst your
> selves"....I thought this was a site for Nikola Tesla fans, not knockers.
> odd. What's the good in just knocking things down? Building things up is
> hard enough.TCB Professor Ballantine, Tesla Coil Builder