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Re: Wireless power transmission

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Dear Matt & Ed:  It is possible to get too tangled up in technique and
politics to get any of it done. You two:as they say: " Talk amongst your
selves"....I thought this was a site for Nikola Tesla fans, not

	I think this is a place to discuss the man and what he wrote and did,
not a forum to worship him.  By "fan" I hope you don't mean just people
who uncritically accept everything Tesla claimed (or, more often, what
others who came later claim he did or claimed) as fact.  These
discussions have been about whether this particular Tesla technique
could work or not and that's not the same as denegrating him.

"odd. What's the good in just knocking things down?  Building things up
hard enough.TCB Professor Ballantine, Tesla Coil Builder"

	Not knocking, as I said above.