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Re: Diode Rectifier stacks

Original poster: "Paul Benham" <paulb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Ted,

I have been running two MOT's in series with 1/2 wave doublers on each
output then resonant charging with great success.  I use 14 1N5408's in
series for each diode string.  Transformers have the shunts removed.  I have
no ballast on the primary, just the charging choke and rotary controlling
power throughput.

I do have caps and resistors across each diode, but when I build up the
second and third units I am not going to fit these components.  All the
diodes came from the same lot.

The D-queuing diode is UF5408's, 30 in series with no caps or resistors

I am going to full wave doublers next.

Hope this helps and good luck with your build.



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> Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Team > Building a DC coil from MOT with resonant charging thru choke. > > Not planning to use equalising caps and resistors across the 1N4007's but > rather adding enough diodes so that each is running at 45% of rated PIV. > Anybody had success with this approach or otherwise > Best > Ted L in NZ > > > > > This message has been scanned for viruses by MailController - www.MailController.altohiway.com >