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Re: Litze Wire

Original poster: "Wim Bosma" <wbosma@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Mike,
The unloaded Q of your secondary will not significantly raise by using litze. The loaded Q of a TC will normally be between 5 and 10 and I guess that the series-resistance of the spark gap will destroy any advantage of using litze wire. Furthermore, the enamel layer of the individual litze filaments is much thinner than of normal wire, let alone the high temperature enamelled copper wire which is preferred for TC's. Even in this latter case it is adviced to apply three or more layers of polyuretane coating after winding. As to the number of turns on the secondary it has been advised in the past to have between 1000 and 1500 turns with an L/D ratio of about 4.5.
Regards, Willem Bosma, PA0TW