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Re: Diode Rectifier stacks

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Ted: Many of us have used the 1N4007 in that way with good results. The
higher current diodes work better, If you use diodes from the same lot or
batch they will be fairly well matched and should cause no problems. If one
or two fail and you have extra in the string repair is quick . Just bipass
Robert   H

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> Subject: Diode Rectifier stacks
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> Team
> Building a DC coil from MOT with resonant charging thru choke.
> Not planning to use equalising caps and resistors across the 1N4007's but
> rather adding enough diodes so that each is running at 45% of rated PIV.
> Anybody had success with this approach or otherwise
> Best
> Ted L in NZ