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RE: Resulting static after TC runs

Original poster: "Malcolm Watts" <m.j.watts@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Steve,

On 2 Mar 2005, at 7:20, Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>  >Steve's explanation seems to make sense to me.  The OLTC can easily
>  >"always" cut "off" on say a positive half cycle.
> Well the primary current can, but the secondary current (and voltage)
> always rings down gradually which I think was Malcolm's point- the
> amplitude of the "final swing" is infinitely small. It's more likely
> to be the "corona rectification" effect which happens because the
> electrodes have different breakout voltages depending on whether the
> charge is positive or negative. There were actually high voltage cold
> cathode rectifier "tubes" made on this principle AFAIK.

That is indeed what I was hinting at.

> BTW- I was reading "Troubleshooting Analog Circuits" by Bob Pease and
> I came across a letter that Bob had published in the book, written by
> a Malcolm Watts of New Zealand, I wonder if it is the same Malcolm
> Watts who posts here?

I plead guilty.


> Steve C.