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Re: High Voltage Transformer

Original poster: NuclearFirestorm@xxxxxxx

My name is  Matthew E. Massey, sorry I didn't include that first go round.

It's funny you should suggest the 14.4
kv 1.5 kVA transformer. I believe I may have just found a used one with exactly those specs at a buisness across town.
Thanks much.

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>Original poster: DRIEBEN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Hi Nuke?,
>Do you have a first name? My suggestion for this would
>be a 120:1 potential transformer. That would put out
>14.4 kV with a 120 volt input and although most PTs
>are rated around 1.5 kVA, they will easily handle se-
>veral times that for intermitent duty. You could also go
>with a "small" pole pig distribution transformer that's
>rated at 14.4 kV on the high voltage side. You can
>either run it on 240 volts or 120 volts input. Some
>plate transformers may also fit this description but
>are generally hard to find in voltages that high.
>Just remember that these type of transformers require
>external ballasting especially if you running a very
>low resistance load or a short circuit on their out-
>David Rieben
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>Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2005 8:20 am
>Subject: High Voltage Transformer
> > Original poster: NuclearFirestorm@xxxxxxx
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm looking for a transformer and have had trouble finding what
> > I'm
> > after.  I need a transformer with the following specs.
> >
> > Primary: 120 V
> > Secondary: 10 kV (anything a little higher is okay)
> > Power: around 2.5 kVA
> >
> > This is not for a tesla coil, it will be part of a capacitor
> > charging power
> > supply.
> >
> > If anyone can point me to a distributor that offers this kind of
> > transformer I would be very grateful.
> >
> >
> >