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Re: High Voltage Transformer

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

9 kv nst's (240mA worth in parallel) with a 140V variac and hv bridge rectifier would work. Would probably be better than a non-limited transformer since the cap at first looks like a dead short until it's fully charged. 11 obits would work too, but would be getting to be a pain paralleling that many. How critical is the 250mA? The cap would just take longer to fully charge with one 23 mA obit.

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Subject: High Voltage Transformer

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I'm looking for a transformer and have had trouble finding what I'm after. I need a transformer with the following specs.

Primary: 120 V
Secondary: 10 kV (anything a little higher is okay)
Power: around 2.5 kVA

This is not for a tesla coil, it will be part of a capacitor charging power supply.

If anyone can point me to a distributor that offers this kind of transformer I would be very grateful.