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Re: High Voltage Transformer

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

New or surplus?
New.. companies like Peter H. Dahl will do one for you.  They probably have
a catalog one that would work.
Surplus.. you're on your own.  A pole transformer or potential transformer
is your best bet, but heavy.

Bear in mind that new systems use switchers running at >20kHz for capacitor
charging.  Companies like Maxwell Technologies (in one of their current
incarnations... physics international or general atomic) sell such things.
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Subject: High Voltage Transformer

> Original poster: NuclearFirestorm@xxxxxxx > > Hello, > > I'm looking for a transformer and have had trouble finding what I'm > after. I need a transformer with the following specs. > > Primary: 120 V > Secondary: 10 kV (anything a little higher is okay) > Power: around 2.5 kVA > > This is not for a tesla coil, it will be part of a capacitor charging power > supply. > > If anyone can point me to a distributor that offers this kind of > transformer I would be very grateful. > >