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Using SCR's For Regulating Input Current

Original poster: "Carl Litton" <Carl_Litton@xxxxxxxxxx>

Would someone please explain how the brick-like high current 'power module' blocks containing 2 SCR's are used to regulate current? We are interested in pursuing this as an alternative to heavy/bulky variable inductors.

We have such a module rated at about 250 Amps continuous and 1200 Volts.
It has the 3 main terminals: 1 for AC in and 2 (+/-) used to connect the
SCR's and provide output.  It also has four small terminals, 2 to the
gates of the SCR's and 2 to the cathodes of the SCR's.

We have been given to understand that such a module may be placed in 1
leg of the AC input line (along with a potentiometer and such) to
regulate the input current as a sort of pulse width modulator.  Current
demand on our input line is about 80-120 Amps and we would like to
restrict it to a variable 25 to 60 Amps with this type of setup.

We would appreciate a brief description of such a control circuit or a
link to the explanation and/or a schematic.

Thank you,

Carl Litton