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RE: Cheap bench psu.

Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

>Since I don't see tha anyone else responded to this, I would love to see
>some documentation on this.  Ihave several old psu's to donate to a bench
>power supply.

I developed the mod originally and started a thread on it on the 4hv.org forum. It grew out of some other work I did modifying an old 15v switcher to use as an 0-30v bench power supply. I reckon the mod works on just about any power supply controlled by a TL494.

I was going to write a web page on it but I never bothered due to lack of
interest and worries about safety.

>I modded a cheap ATX psu to give voltages: >60 V

Kreso, (and anyone else) be careful, the filter capacitors on the output are
only rated 16v. You don't want to be digging them out of your forehead.

Steve C.