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Re: PVC coil forms larger than 6 inch pipe

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Go to your local plumbing distributor (the company that sells the 8" pipe)
and ask them who they've sold a bunch to recently, and then go there and ask
if they've got some scraps.

For this sort of thing, you have to go in person.  If you call, they'll just
tell you "we don't release customer names" or some such.

Likewise, the getting of scraps requires personal contact with someone at
the jobsite.

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> Original poster: "Hydrogen18" <hydrogen18@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Hi list, > I'm looking for PVC pipe in the 8 inch diameter variety(or about any > suitable plastic). Does anyone know any sources for this? I'm keeping an > eye out for city water installations, but have found none yet. I can get 20 > foot sections for $83, but I'd have alot of leftover. Does anyone know any > ways to get this pipe easily? I'm in the southern eastern united states in > Mobile, Alabama. If a fellow coiler were interested in doing a group > purchase of the 20 foot and splitting it up that could work also. Thanks > > Eric > <http://www.hydrogen18.com/>http://www.hydrogen18.com/ > > >