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Re: new coil

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At 00:03 2005-01-22, you wrote:

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Well i tested my new coil and i wasnt all that impressed but hey if it worked everytime then there wold be no fun in it.....it would only put out about 2 inch sparks to a tin foil ball hooked directly to the ground on the coil... Then i was starting to get some decents sparks while adjusting it and i noticed a small glowing spot and then about 10 appeared all over the primary coil.......melted the insulation in spots....my dads theory is to much power for the coil. were going out in a little while to go buy some parts to reconstruct the primary.......any suggestions on the best primary.....ive seen flat pankacke like ones or a strait up one or even a funnel shaped one and also what is the best wire or copper tube to use.


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Hi Andrew.

Seems like you got the coil out of tune(If you didn't adjust the input power that is). It's
a little curious though, because in that case you should have gotten sparks from the primary
to seconadry. That have been the case for me with severe detuning.

For a small coil stripped(PVC insulation and wire mesh) coaxial cable or even normal PVC
insulated hookup wire will do. For a bigger coil copper tubing is preferred although other
wiring will do.
It's also an aesthetical aspect to building a coil. We're all artists you know. =)

It wouls help if you described the whole system.

Matthias "Tesla" Andersson
-"Why Am I Glowing In The Dark?"