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Re: new coil

Original poster: Bobby Amaya <dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Andrew,

The primary coil I would use is a funnel shape with a
30 degree angle.The angle of the primary is not
criticle. OR you could make a flat primary. For the
primary coil, I suggest using a full roll of 40 or 50
feet of 1/4 inch copper refrigeration tubing or if
your capacitor rating is above 50 thousand voltts I
suggest using 3/8 inch copper tubing and you can find
copper tubing at most any hardware store for around
20$-30$ You should space the 1/4 inch tubing 1/4 of an
inch in between turns and 3/8 of an inch spacing for
the 3/8 inch tubing. To hold the primary in place you
might want to try cutting notches in the primary
suports to hold the tubing in place.

Good luck with your coil :-}